Did You Try Googling Them But Didn’t Find What You Were Seeking?

Try SpyFly’ing Them Instead.

It turns out that Google doesn’t have all the answers. And Google can’t find info on everyone, especially if someone tries to hide their online digital trail.

So, how do you find info on someone who doesn’t want you to find them?

Perhaps someone has a criminal record or is embarrassed by financial problems. Or maybe you’re searching for a long-lost relative.

It is easy for someone to mask their identity online, so Googling someone may not be enough to find them.

But there is good news. Public records that were once hard-to-find because it required going to your local courthouse or records department, standing in line, filling out forms, and waiting for a reply, can now be found online using massive cloud-based data servers (that are inaccessible by Google). This public records data includes decades of information like criminal records, financial history, career details, address history, and phone numbers.

So, how do you access this data? Stop Googling them. SpyFly them.

Find someone now. Enter their name below.

Find Someone With SpyFly

Jot down all you know about a person. If they have a common name, like Tom Adams, write down every variant of that name. Thomas, Tommy, etc.

Where did you last see them? Do you know if they moved to a new state? A state is helpful. A city is even better if you have it.

Can you guess their age within 5 to 10 years?

Go to SpyFly, enter the person’s first & last name and most-recent state of residence.

SpyFly will search millions of federal, state, county, and municipal records for that person.

SpyFly will show you a list of potential matches. Scan through the list to see if there is a match.

You can refine your search by adding an age range.

Once you find the best match, SpyFly will build a comprehensive public records report. Try a SpyFly membership for only 7-days to see what a difference SpyFly makes when it comes to finding that hard-to-find person.

What is in a SpyFly Report?

Once you find who you’re looking for in SpyFly, here’s what you can expect to learn in their public records report.

Personal Information

Location History

Possible Phone Numbers & Email

Criminal Records

Financial Records

Career Info, Licenses

Social Media Profiles

Background Checks and Online Dating

Online dating makes meeting new people easier than ever, but it also ups the chances of a disastrous date-gone-wrong. We’ve all heard of the online dating horror stories that the Internet seems to churn out every minute. Maybe you’ve heard some from your close friends, or maybe you’ve even been in a few awkward situations yourself. Whatever the case, it’s important to be aware of the dangers that can come with online dating and take the necessary steps to protect yourself. So how can you keep yourself safe?

One way is to run background checks on your potential SOs. Sure, it might sound over-the-top and even slightly reminiscent of those crazy stories you’re trying to stay away from. But would you rather go out with someone who has several assaults and petty crimes tucked under the belt, or would you rather hang out with someone with a squeaky clean record?

SpyFly is one Internet background check and personal protection service that can help you with that. Just type in your romantic interest’s first and last name and click search to find out everything you need to know to protect yourself. Easy peasy.

Here are some sample questions SpyFly can help answer:

1. Do they have a criminal record?

Make sure you know if your date has ever been convicted of a crime. There’s nothing scarier than finding out too late that your doll-faced sweetheart is actually the boss of a Russian mafia. Don’t let yourself become the next headliner on the evening news—protect yourself with knowledge. And maybe a bodyguard or two.

2. Do they have financial problems?

All too often I hear stories of men and women with good intentions being cheated out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Their partner—whom they often never meet in person—laments financial difficulties, unpaid college tuitions, or looming hospital bills. And out of the kindness of their heart, the victims offer to send cash in order to help their beloved out of a tight spot. The money is likely sent to an offshore account and more times than none your online friend goes MIA. Make sure you run a background check on the person who you’re chatting with and make sure they are who they say they are.

3. Are they married, divorced, single?

No one wants to be the accidental homewrecker. Remember, if they cheat with you, they’ll cheat on you. Prevent a cheater from entering and ruining your life by not letting them in in the first place.

4. Are they really who they say they are?

In our modern world of online dating, you just never know who’s a liar and who’s not. Before you trust your date, trust SpyFly to make sure you safely find your loved one. Be careful to protect your heart, your money, your dignity, and your safety—but don’t forget to have fun!